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Weekend Vlog & Chanel Gabrielle Backpack Review& What I bought in Sephora

Hello girls! Last weekend I was so busy so I basically recorded the whole Sunday and now I’m sharing this with you. Also per some of your requests, I reviewed the Chanel Gabrielle Backpack in this video. Below you can find my Sunday outfit, it’s very fresh and summer. 哈喽妹子们,上个星期天超级忙所以我把一整天干了什么都录了下来。还有应了一些妹子的要求,和你们分享一下我最近新入的Chanel Gabrielle Backpack。 国内的同学可以点击进入进入B站观看哦~ @Beautyphiphi 牛仔裤 […]


A few days ago, I checked my Instagram and realized I have worn so many pieces of sweater since this fall. So in this blog I’d like to share with you what’s exactly these sweaters are. And I hope it will be helpful for those who are finding some perfect sweaters currently. 前不久翻INS,细数了一下自己入秋以来穿过的毛衣,发现真的还不少呢,而且现在正是买毛衣的季节,想和大家分享一下。 Turtleneck Sweater 紧身毛衣  […]

Winter Clothing Haul & How I wear them

Recently I got so many new fall/winter pieces and I’d like share with you in this video. Each of these pieces is wearable, easy to match and the must-have in my closet. You will find the links below if you are interested. 最近购入了许多好看的单品,在这个视频中想和大家分享一下。每一件单品的可穿性和搭配性都是非常高的,它们也是我衣橱中的必备单品。 看完了别忘了在🔗中寻找你最感兴趣的单品的更多信息~ 👕上衣 (Top) 绿色衬衣 Green shirt Asceno 蓝色衬衣 Blue cotton shirt MM6   粉色(pink) 红色条纹 SYJP Redline […]